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Thread: band saw?????

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    That video was excellent. Thanks for sharing.

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    I have a Porter Cable and I'll be looking for some mounting holes tomorrow. I love the saw, btw, I have had it for 10 years and have had to do nothing to it but change the blades.

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    Default Milwaukee Bandsaw

    I use a Milwaukee Bandsaw, brand, reputation, reliability, and use of tool, not only for hand cuts, but for bench mounted, see attached (jpg.)
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    Yes I definitely agree, I am currently using my buddies milwaukee and I realy like it will be looking to buy one soon.

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    I have a Milwaukee Portaband, the only complaint is the top handle shattered while in the case early in its life. I've had it for about 8 yrs, 7 and change without the top handle. It is still pretty easy to control without though, so I never bothered trying to find or make a replacement.

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    Cool Porta band

    I've got both a Milwaukee and a Porter cable. The milwaukee stays in the work trailer most of the time and the Porter Cable is on the truck. Either way, they both work well. But do your homework. Best to buy a better tool once, even if it costs more. Buying Hobo freight stuff just doesn't "cut" it for me.
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    For the portable band saw machines, consider Trajan, Jet and Dayton brands. They come in various machine models (depending on your needs) and also in fairly reasonable prices.

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    I recently purchased a new DeWalt Portaband and soon found that I frequently wished to use it as a stationary band saw. While deciding how to make a table and stand for it I found that SWAG Offroad makes several versions of tables and stands to fit these saws. Their design seemed far better than what I had planned to build, so I purchased SWAG's V3 table/stand from their website.

    With the version 3 a small square table bolts onto the saw in place of the DeWalt supplied narrow table/strip. This new table then fits closely into a U shaped cut-out in a larger table/stand when needed for bench use. The design allows for the the saw and the small table insert to be easily removed from the table/stand for portable use and then quickly and easily replaced back into the table/stand when needed for bench use. The table/stand comes with miter gauge slots on both sides of the blade that allow a standard miter gauge with a 3/4 X 3/8 bar to be used with it. This works OK, but I've found that I use the miter gauge more as a push block than I do for precise miter cutting.

    I'm very pleased with how well the saw and stand work together. They have proven to be very handy for cutting out small parts. My only wish is that SWAG had provided a rust preventive finish on their product because here in the Southeast unprotected steel rusts very quickly. I have to remember to oil it before putting it away or I will be sanding the rust off the next time that I want to use it.

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    I guess you have a pretty good looking saw in your shop. Donít forget to put coolants or lubricants to maintain its beauty and preserve your blades. I am using AF2000, a semi-synthetic solution that cools and lubricates extending tool life. It would surely avoid rust from eating your saw.

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