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Thread: band saw?????

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    Dec 2011

    Default band saw?????

    Hey guys, looking at buying a portable band saw it appears dewalts deep cut version is just a scoash bigger than the milwaukee, and the dewalt also comes with a case. Anyone with pros or cons on this would be great. I dont have the floor space for an upright so I will probably do as I have seen others do here and make a mount for the bench.Thanks in advance Eric

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    Have had a Milwaukee Porta-Band for a lot of years...has been as reliable as a daily sunrise.... has not let me down yet... with a little bit of practice you can do a very nice cut handheld...

    would expect you could do the same with the DeWalt.....

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    I use both at work and can tell you in my opinion you can't go wrong with either one. Both are very well made and stand up to years of use and abuse. As far as a personal choice I bought the Dewalt for home. At the time it had a few extras that I liked such as an LED light to see the cut and rubber bumpers around the outer edges to protect it if dropped.

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    Milwaukee is the most commonly used type in the construction industry.With that said I own both and have gone through both for repairs and maintenance.The Dewalt is the winner of both features and quality.Milwaukee has cheapen their units to compete with others in the box stores, such as bushings for bearings.
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    Default metal

    A welding station how can I make one

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    Hi, used both but personally have older milwaukee. the dewalt are more compact and have better rubber fall protection.Look for the best deal. Best to get two with one set up on bench or stand and other for shop use. Once you set it up for bench you will not want to go back to free hand.Heres is something like what I made from another post. . this is awesome, i mount mine to a car 15" rim and its been there ever since! Its so handy that I left it and bought another! you cannot go wrong with either one. Check Craigs list for a used one and set up on stand and buy new for portable.

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    Dec 2011


    Thanks for all the input guys, I kinda figured it was a toss up between the two however i do like the light feature on the dewalt guess it will come down to the best deal. I realy like the stand you made for it thats what im talking about.Im currently useing a dewalt chop saw and in a small garage with a car btween the smell, noise and sparks I have had enough! They have there place yes just not in a garage just my .02 Thanks guys any chance on getting the dimensions of the plate ya used.

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    I bought the Dewalt about 3 months ago and Love it. Taken it to work a few times, shop foreman used it Friday and went to get the shop one today.
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    one of the reasons that the milwaukee has gone the cheap route is because they are now partially owned by home depot

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    No one has mentioned a Makita. That is what I bought and it is top rate quality.
    Easier to make a stand for it as well, over the Milwaukee or the DeWalt.
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