Hi everyone, this is my first post to this forum as I just joined it, but have been visiting it for a while. I just completed a project and thought I would share the idea with others here.I wanted to consolidate 3 welding machine racks and 1 welding station into a self contained mobile (on wheels) work centre so here is what it looks like. Some features are: table top has front edge to clamp grounds onto, holds mig, plasma, and tig/stick machine, has front mounted 120 volt power bar, has all 3 machines plugged in at rear with one power supply extension cord wired to supply 3 - 220 volt and 2 - 120 volt circuits on rear of welding station, right side holds all my home made ABS plastic tig rod holders, left side holds aluminum spool gun cords/hoses, top center above the table top has a rack to hold my vicegrip clamping pliers, one, shelf under the table top holds wire bushes, chipping hammer, safety glasses, 2 grinders, and on the left side the aluminum spool gun controller. The back 2 corners hold the 2 welding gas cylinders which are secured top and lower with chains for safety. There is a bottom shelf to hold the spool gun, extra stick wire, and the tig foot controller. The overall dimensions are 60" long X 40" deep X 42" high (top of table). When I figure out how to attach a photo with my IPad I will post some.