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    Default What's my gear worth ?

    Greetings: I have MM185 w/spool gun (2001) and a Syncrowave 185SD Tigrunner (2003). Both are in excellent one owner condition. The Syncrowave has 204 hrs and 576 arc starts.

    My plan is to sell or trade the two and buy a new dynasty 200dx.

    i have a new invision 352MPa so I am covered on the MIG front.

    any advice is welcome.


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    Default Syncrowave

    I have not heard of a Syncrowave 185SD, but a 180SD is probably worth $1000 to $1200. A few years ago, I sold my Syncrowave 180 for $1150, and thought that I had done very well. Look at what other Syncrowaves are selling for in your area, as in many cases price varies by area.

    I don't have a firm opinion on what a Millermatic 185 with a spool gun would be worth, but I will guess $900 to $1300. I am sure that other folks have a better idea of the value of that welder on the used market.

    Remember that you can use ebay advanced search to look at past auctions, so you can see what things sold for in the past. Searchtempest can be used to look at craigslist over a large geographic area, but the problem is that many people have inflated ideas of what their stuff is worth. They keep posting the same stuff at the same price, and it does not sell.


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