This is my 'Multi-purpose Repositioning Device' (what I move stuff with). I have a 4WD TCI 525 Forklift and had a job of installing a Holmes 750 wrecker body, tool boxes and booms/winches on a different truck. Had to build additional doors and tool boxes as the replacement truck had a much longer frame than the one the wrecker was removed from. I quick built this gizzmo to install the stuff. Been using it ever since. Handy tool. Second pic is of an old scraper blade I use here on the farm. Added a hydraulic cylinder to angle the blade from the tractor seat. Also a handicap scooter ramp/carrier for my wife's scooter. and finally a humungous bucket that I rebuilt. Installed new wear bars, cutter blades, teeth,etc. Pic is showing just the wear bars installed.
Picture 122.jpg3 Pt Scraper Blade a.jpgHitch Carrier 14.jpgPicture 100.jpg