Hi all,

I am pretty new to "real" welding and have basicly no experience. In the past I did a few things, with electric arc welding, but that doesn't count anymore.
I use brazing with silver solder for my hobby (RC modeling), to build scale airplanes like a Piper P18, in which the fuselage is made from thin walled (wall thickness 0.01" - 0.02") stainless steel tubes. Normaly brazing with silver solder has enough strenght to keep things together, except in areas with a lot of dynamic load, like the wing and elevator hinges or the gear and especially the the engine mount. Most of the professional modell builders did some kind of workaround in those areas instead the original solution, because they don't trust a brazed connection in those areas. Most of the people which I have asked, have said categorically "no" it is not possible to weld such kind of thin tubing. But these people were not welding specialist, so maybe, while welding technology is in progress, there might be new - and affordable - possiblities nowadays.

Anyhow, attached you will see some pictures to make it easier to understand what I am talking about.
I am thankfull for any help, advice and information, even negative !