Hey all, I've been given an awesome welder (been researching it on this site and others for a while now) and am interested in getting her fixed up, painted, and in service. The unit was free so I'm able to sink additional capital into it. I was hoping to benefit from the expertise on this forum to complete this project!
photo (2).jpgphoto (1).jpg
Welder Info: Model Aead-200le
Welder Serial: HG028167
Onan: CCKA-MS/2748J
Onan Serial: b760-102942

So far I've added tires, and done everything necessary to get her purring like a kitten. I still need to purchase cables to test the welder but genset seems to be producing to spec using a multimeter (AC and DC).

The issue: the governor shaft is broken flush to the top of the motor and all associated governor parts are missing. The carb linkage is intact but all adjustments have to be made by hand. I'm trying to locate pieces and parts but the governor parts aren't specifically listed in the miller manual, and there are several different types listed in the Onan manual.

I'll post pics as I go, I've started with some ebay parts I'm hoping i can modify to work... but if someone had a working unit similar I could "copy" the dimensions and fab my own parts (with the exception of the governor shaft.)