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I started the rack today. I did end up putting the syncro on bottom. The 251 has an integrated bottle holder on it, so I will literally have to cut the rear of the 251 frame off.

Someone mentioned not using the same shielding gas. My spool gun and tigging aluminum both use argon. I will post some pictures when I am done with the racks.
You should be able to unbolt the bottle support on the 251, unless it is one piece with the lower pan/frame of the welder. I highly doubt that because you can buy a two bottle rack or lower bottle rack and attach it to the full size mig machines that the 251 is.

The 251 MIG should be using Pure CO2 or Steel Mix of Argon and CO2 for welding steel. You do not weld steel with PURE Argon, or most people don't. This is why you would have two bottles. I don't know exactly how the 251 works but the 252 is supposed to have a trigger select in it and will power either the spool gun or mig depending on which trigger is pulled. Correct me if I'm wrong but with the right setup, that might even select the right valve for the correct gas solenoid valve to provide the correct gas to the Spool Gun or MIG. I don't that much about tig, but I would imagine you would use different gasses while tigging alum vs. steel.