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Thread: millermatic 130

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    Default millermatic 130

    i have an opportunity to purchase a millermatic appears to be in pretty good condition and runs has been sitting around in a "shop" for several years (not being used)...what i need to know is the following:
    1. does anyone know when miller stopped producing this product? This will at least give me an idea of how old it might be...
    2. does anyone have any idea of how much a reasonable purchase price might be for the welder only...not including a cart or tanks etc...i have checked ebay and other sources but have not been successfull in finding what i need...there are other manufacturers of a 130 but i do not know if they are comparable....
    3. if i got the serial number from the machine, would this help in answering the above questions...
    4. any assistance would be appreciated.
    thank you

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    Its a great small 110v machine. I paid around $1200.00 new in 2001 and have used it hard since then with no problems. I weld up to 1/8 steel with it, any thicker and you just do not have enough heat. It will not reliably feed aluminum or have enough power to run a spool gun. For sheet metal and light tubing it is the best machine I have used. Miller replaced it with the 140 also a good machine but has not been as bomb proof as the 130.


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    MM130 is a nice unit.............If you paid $1200, I am sorry
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    Default prices

    In case you're not up on prices, I think they have come down. I'm sure pthunberg's $1200 is accurate. But, I bought a new MM180 from a local shop for under $800, which would make the MM140 something less, and IOC on Ebay even less. Just checked IOC on Ebay: the MM180 is $719 and the MM140 is $618.

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    I have a MM130XP and I too think it is the best one out there for work in its range. I have used it on materal over 1/8 as well but plan the welds accordingly. IIRC I paid something like $750 for the machine, a regulator and a crappy import mig cart in 1998 or 1999. New but sitting on the showroom floor. I should not have paid a dime for the import cart as it was soon to be replaced junk.

    Get it if it is a good price. All the consumables are standard Miller stuff, easy to find and will be for a long time. Open it up and blow all the dust out. Take the torch apart and blow the liner out too. Check the flow through the gas valve and regulator.

    As an example,My MM251 was $600 used with regulator, one extra standard M-25 torch, one extra long Tweco and a 40 foot ex-cord. That was a deal IMO. All that was wrong with it was it was dusty and dirty looking. I have seen the MM130 or similar such as the MM135 selling for $200 to $400.
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    That $1200 included the co2 tank, regulator and the Miller cart. The cart gave up long ago.


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    Click "Service" at the top of the page, you will see "Serial Number Chart" .....

    There are also downloadable owner's manuals if you need one.

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    Default What to sell for??

    I have a millermatic 130 115v arc welder with tank and Ive been told that asking $400.00 is to much. Not sure on how to proceed and if what they are saying is true. Can someone help me on this??

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    With a serial#, I could tell you down to the day it was at the factory

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    First 2 letters of serial number will tell you the year. The first letter is the decade and the second is the year of the decade. L is for 2000's and K is for 1990's. LA would be a 2000.
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