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Jimmypop, it is 2x2x1/4". It runs up almost to the top. The sign is actually really stable on three legs, gusseted quite high up the stem. Didn't want anything wider to distract the view.
The sign post is short and well gusseted and the center of gravity does not look like it will put much strain on the post. I honestly couldn't see it was .25 when compared to the waterjet pieces adjacent to it in that one photograph. Judging from the quality of photos on your Facebook page, you know what you are doing. Sorry to chime in on that 2x2 but i was real curious how you were getting away with that if inface it was .125. I screwed myself early on by using a too thin walled anchor post and it caused me alot of grief to replace. You had me curious.

Again excellent work.

By the way, I moved to Aledo in 3rd grade and spend my entire childhood and high school years there there before moving to Dallas for work. I just moved to Phoenix this year and was glad to miss this past summer there in Texas. Great weather here. Nice and dry, no humidity. Cool to see someone somewhat local, Weatherford, to my hometown.