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    Default starting a buisness

    I am 16 years old and i am looking to start my own buisness of some sort. something like small repair and things like that. i recently bought a thermal arc 181i its sweet and i run it off a bobcat 250 welder/generator. i am certified stick 7018 vertical and mig .035 vertical and soon going for flux and all tig i hope to get it all one day, but i really want to start now i have all my own tools and equipment and in the process of building a trailer. but where do i start? i have no idea how to get my name out there and i dont even know if i have all the licensing for any of this if you need any and what to do or where to go. need some advice. and also if i should get into a partnership or work solo what would be better.

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    Good Luck- I'm not sure you can start a business on your own iffin' yer under 18-

    Not trying to discourage you- but something to check out.

    You'll need:
    Business License
    Insurance- which I imagine for a 16 yr old will be **** near impossible-

    at 16, might want to try and get in with a shop to see how a business runs and
    plan an exit strategy, say 2 years saving up start up cash for when you want to
    step out on your own 100%

    Unfortunately, starting a business is not cheap.
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    Take some business classes. The world is full of good techs who can't make a profit because they lack background.

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    Work for someone else for awhile & learn everything you can about the work & the business end. Start writing a business plan now & adjust/change it as you learn more. Don't burn any bridges on the way out.
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    okay thankyou all i think i will just keep working welding buckets for now. i am just trying to get an idea on what it would be like and what i would need to start out a repair/fab buisness

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    Where do you live? In the USA it's illegal to have anyone under 18 working with power tools in a commercial environment.
    I can't imagine owning a business without several years real world experience in the particular field. That would be a death blow from the get go in my opinion.

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    Thumbs up Can Do Attitude...

    Quote Originally Posted by mauerick View Post
    okay thankyou all i think i will just keep working welding buckets for now. i am just trying to get an idea on what it would be like and what i would need to start out a repair/fab buisness
    Do not be Discouraged..!!

    I would think that if you started gradually and carefully you could do it fairly low key.. just make sure you have the competence to do the jobs you take in....

    I have a real problem with the regulatory mess that we have put ourselves in where you need a license, health certificate, and an environmental impact statement to open a lemonade stand... What ever happened to initiative and free enterprise???
    We hear why we can't do things... no wonder this country is sliding downhill... that is a garbage attitude... this country was not built on negativity and over regulation... It was built on skill, ambition and sweat....

    I applaud your goals... as far as a minor with power tools goes what in the Blue Blazes do they call the kid with a lawnmower that earns money by mowing lawns???
    Think we need to start doing things again rather than coming up with excuses for why we can't.... or we truly will be the slaves of the regulators and naysayers... Remember.. our government works for us not the other way around!!!!

    Keep your eye on the prize... I congratulate you for having a clear idea of what you want to do and the focus to earn and buy the tools to go there... you will go far..... The winners in life are the ones that figure out how to get stuff done...
    not the ones that make excuses for why it can't!!!!!!

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    Buy the best tools you can afford.. Learn to use them to the best of your ability.. and take care of them...

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