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    Default Organization

    I'm tired of dumping pails and cans looking for nuts, bolts, washers etc. I've searched the web for good metal storage bins to organize all my fasteners and all I can find is plastic. Does anyone know of any online outfits that I could visit and possibly purchase metal nut and bolts storage bins. Thanks

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    After many years my metal ones seemed to magically get bent or dented or chipped and rusted or ....

    For me the plastic ones seem to hold up much better.

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    I found the plastic ones at Lowes and built my own frame.
    Easy build.

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    Default Bins

    I've used these. They are the bomb. They nest together really well.


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    you might want to check out the yellow pages for local used office furniture and equipment places for some of these....

    the wide drawers are 'paper file ' drawers and are about 9x11. the smaller ones are regular parts drawers and are about 4" w x 12" deep

    best money I've spent in a while... I paid 20 bucks for all these drawers

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    I get some of mine from MSC. I think their web sit is I haven't tried their on line catalouge but the paper one here on my desk has about 20 pages of stacking bins, small parts drawers storage boxes etc. Look under parts bins, storage orgaizers, small parts drawers, divideable totes. At the shop I use metal stacking bins for large bolts, nuts, washers etc. , small parts drawers for smaller items, plumbing washers, set screws, key stock and such and milk crates for bulky items like PVC pipe fittings. In my work truck all the nails and screws are in color coded coffe cans, the small misc. stuff in a variety of pull out parts drawers, plumbings fittings and wire nuts / staples are in some small carry organizers from stanley.

    Grainer and McMaster Carr would also be posible choices.

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