Hi, yes, that's one of the things I mentioned, there are also a number of others, but at that price it's dirt cheap, but limited in useage.

There is a limitation with this one you showed, it will only send back sound signals, like for listening in on conversations etc, so it won't send the location.

If you do see one on Ebay, check that it will send back location and that it has a built in battery........some need to be attached to a vehicle wiring system and have no battery, so not suitable for a welder or other mobile piece of equipment.

I see one for $70 that does send location and has a rechargeable lithium battery, and I think this would be suitable for a location like a welder that has power at some time, so that the battery can be recharged while it's dormant.

If I can get the link I'll post it so you can see what it looks like, but it will be in Australia, so as it comes from Hong Kong, they should be available in the USA too.