Hi. I bought my first miller 211 almost 3 years ago. unfortunately it and all of my other tools were stolen about a month later. insurance was useless, and so were the cops, and i never got a penny.

now i'm considering buying another one, but don't want to get one until i can figure out how to secure it properly.

i've been playing with some ideas of building a cage out of 3/8-1/2" flat stock that would attach and hinge off of one of the main support beams in the garage, and then pivot down over the welder and lock to the floor with 1 or 2 of those industrial hockey puck looking locks that you see on work vans sometime.

i had someone try to steal my air compressor, but i had it secured to a main support beam with a 6,000# logging chain pulled through the engine plate that is welded to the compressor, and a 10" long 3/4" bolt dipped in red locktite that went through the support beam. then i also had 2 steel plates that went over the legs of the compressor and were anchored to the floor with 1/2" bolts. they failed to steal it, and only managed to unplug the power cord.

Obviously a setup like that wouldn't quite work, as i need the welder mobile, and going through the handle is a joke since it's plastic. that's why i've been playing with a full cage idea that would be attached to the beam and the floor.

any other ideas or suggestions on how to secure a welder??? I really would like to get one again, but don't want a repeat of last time. because $2,600 is alot of money for a **** miller 211. LOL