More than half of it has nothing to do with features. Like they say in real estate, location, not so much what it is as where. They do have a productive effect, can be counter productive also but some places that have been good have been nothing more than a plate on a couple horses.
I made some mistakes, I welded a 1/2 rebar from that channel you can see in the floor back to the wall and use it as a ground point for some of the machines, I should have used a 3/4 rod or maybe even better chunk of old building entrance wire, 3/0 copper,,, ha, its not a working issue though at my small currents and duty cycles. I electrically grounded it at that point also. I didn't put a conduit in out of fear which was a mistake. I tried about everything and finally bight the bullet and air chisel a groove for pipe. I did it from bench to bench also, put 1 circuit fed from gfci and used 2 wire feed via an iso g outlet. A grounded tool case or equipment ground cant carry welding current. Its grounded,,, just not with the circuit that feeds it and that is gfci.
I didn't plumb air, I got a whip behind me at the wall, reaches the bench. One other thing I did was almost eliminate the need to connect air hoses, I need to connect the tools to the hose but never disconnect hot hose to hose. I put in about 3 fixed in whips and 3 or 4 reels including an outdoor and no one has to take a hose anywhere, no plugging hoses in to hydrants.