Hi everyone.
I just signed up on the boards while at work. My name is nate and i work at detroit diesel and go to school at kettering univ in flint. The former GMI. I started tig welding in october of 2007 and gradually progressed. I am very glad a learned how because it opens up such a big door in doing auto related fab stuff. Being able to weld aluminum is kick *** i think.

At school i started to make dice out of .032 aluminum, i only made one that looks at all good. Still its not great. My first car project was an oil pan, the material i chose was .125 5052 aluminum. I find my self having a hard time with inside corner welds....can anyone offer any tips to getting both pieces of intersecting metal to puddle up. My Arc wants to jump to one piece or the other.

the machine i am using is a dynasty 200 dx, soon to have a water cooled torch. Its a nice machine, but some times all the extra buttons make things confusing. I am learned it better and better each time i used it however.
I keep hearing about people welding insanely thin metal together and i am curious to try it. I have a pretty good handle on .032, so one day i took one of dads beer cans and cut it in half. I measured the middle section thickness to be .008 inch with my chinese calipers. I tried to run a bead on it and suffered total destruction. I could run a bead on the bottom which must be considerably thicker, i used some aluminum mig wire. Around .030-.035 inch.
At the time i was running .040 tungston.

I am intrested to see what settings experienced people are using to weld thin stuff. Settings regaurding the frequency/amps/pulsar settings/tungston size/filler size.

thanks for helping another newbie.