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    Default Sears torch repair: What material should the o-rings be made from? What Harris model?

    I have a model 313.54406 Sears torch handle and a model 313.54408 Sears cutting torch. It was really made by Harris. Does anyone know the corresponding Harris model numbers?

    I'm asking because the the o-rings on both the welding and on the cutting torch pieces need to be replaced. With the Harris model numbers, I could order new ones.

    I can probably figure out the sizes even without the Harris model number, but what should the o-rings be made from? What materials are safe with acetylene & oxygen?

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    This is who I go to for torch/regulator rebuilds:
    Maybe call and ask?
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    Torch O-rings are usually made from durable Viton or similar, but they are cheap so no biggie.

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    Ok, thank you both!

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