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    Default Furniture Steel & Polished Concrete

    My wife finally called my bluff... After walking by furniture shops in our hood she asked me to make some tables for our living room and an entertainment unit... The store was asking a fortune for their stuff so I had to diy and saved some cash except for the concrete grinder which will pay for it's self once I do a few more tops... Used the Diversion 165 Tig for all the welding...

    2011-11-06 13 34 47_resized.JPG2011-11-06 13 40 20.jpg2011-11-06 13.38.47_resized.jpg2011-11-06 13.37.02_resized.jpg

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    nice work mate, i am pretty interested in making a few pieces with stone tops

    how heavy is the slab and how thick is the square tubing if you dont mind my asking?

    did you buy the slab cut to size after you'd made the frame or did you do all the cutting as well?


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    great looking stuff cosmo!
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    I used 1 1/2" square tube for the frame with a support im the middle of the long table... For the tops I mademoulds with 3/4" melamime with 2" sides... The slab is 2" thick with wire mesh and it is heavy next omea I do I will go 1 1/2"... Polishing was done with a wet grinder and diamond abrasive...

    Thanks for the comments...

    Next one I do will be with fibre optic cable connected to led's...

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    Default Looks great!

    i owned/ operated a concrete countertop business for a couple years, but with though housing market the way it is i had to get a full time welding job. Concrete and steel are great materials to work with! if you are worried about weight check out Glass fiber reinforced concrete (40% lighter and 60% stronger). They have a class on it at the Concrete Countertop Institute in North Carolina that is awesome!
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