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    Default pipe specs., info please

    I am building a 6 sign billboard, but the customer wants to use a 3/16 wall steel pipe. My engineer can't find any structural specs on the pipe, 4" 5" and 6", it doesn't matter if that is OD or ID. He needs these to figure the windload, the moment, or breaking point. Any info is a plus. I have searched myself and come up empty, even calling our local and some out of town supply yards. Hoping someone on here can help point me in the right direction. Thanks.

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    That really doesn't sound right, any engineer doing structural calcs will have that information at hand.
    I'd look for another engineer if it was my money.
    I don't think there is a structural engineer on the planet who doesn't have the
    AISC Steel Construction Manual, a small book that list's properties of every structural shape in common use.
    It's also really good for detailing information to those of us who aren't engineers.

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    Default Schedule 40 Pipe Specs are easy to Find...

    However, 3/16" wall thickness in 4", 5" or 6" is tubing or RIGID CONDUIT wall thickness and IS NOT STRUCTURAL. 4" Sch. 40 Pipe has a 1/4" wall thickness and is plenty stout. Sch. 40 data is available on the internet and in any Enigineering Handbook in Publication. Sch. 40 is also listed in anything that has Structual Materials or elements listed. Get a copy of Shapebook 2009, it has all the structural design details for structural steel listed. Then of course, you could find a Structure of Materials Textbook from a University Bookstore and calculate the things you need to know by hand.

    I would not use 3/16" wall tubing for signage, unless proper reinforcement could be designed into the engineered piece.
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    .188 wall is common in Line Pipe, in sizes quite a bit bigger than 6".
    If they spec that wall thickness then I'd guess they had bought surplus pipe at a good price and want to use it.
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    Just checked my two CISC handbooks, and I cant find specs for your steel pipe you have chosen. I agree with flukecej, you could try using some round HSS steel instead.

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    A good way to get a quick idea may be to look at other units that have been engineered, do they do them the same way?

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