Ok so I am currently going to a community college in a Professional Pilot associates degree. But I have had a long fascination with welding have always wanted to learn the trade. Since I am also finished with my associates with the pilot program I wanted to start the welding program at the school also. Long story short I am under chapter 35 with the VA and the school pays for my classes and books since my pops served in Vietnam, but anyway I have to convince the woman in charge of accepting double majors that aviation and welding are related, that welding will help with me be a better hiring candidate as a pilot or as a welder. Please give me some help all the research I've done I can only find are aerospace welding jobs welding airframes and what not. I would actually rather be a pipe welding or any type of welding for that matter. I only need help convincing the school that it would be related. Im not necessarily wanting to join the fields together but if I do find something I may do that. Thank you for your time and help.