Hi guys,

I've been doing some more work on the outdoor setting with renovations drawing closer to an end.

now have 2x one seaters/side tables, and just finished the 6 seater table today.

materials are 50x50x1.6mm stainless steel square tube, fully tigged and blended, with 90x19mm jarrah hardwood decking slats screwed directly onto angle bar supports, which are tacked to the frame.

now i have to get working on some 2 seater benches to go with it and it will be a complete set for the new patio.

on a side note, i've just ordered a makita lc1230 dry cutting chop saw with an 80T blade. i'm very keen to see how it goes on the thin wall stainless tubing i use- i reckon it's going to save me lots of time and give me more accurate cuts than my bandsaw can with it's bent and twisted cutting bed