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Just a little update. I actually managed a relatively decent T-joint. OK. Maybe not the entire length of the joint. But the last 1.5" looks pretty darn good (by my standards, ymmv).

Three things helped. First, I realized I kept putting the filler rod into the arc path instead of edge of the puddle and letting it get pulled in. Second, the Miller tech articles mention that since the leg will melt faster, the filler rod should be targetting that puddle more so. Third, I switched to 3/32" rod (I hate to say this, but thanks Craig ).
And I hate to say this, you're welcome.

I guess a fourth thing that helped was remembering to actively modulate the pedal when things looked like they were about to get to hot/cold. Still going to take a while to get this down without having to think about the need to do it.
I spent a lifetime learning that the more steady I could keep my foot on my vehicle's gas pedal, the better gas mileage I'd get. Running the TIG pedal up-n-down like a newly wed has been really hard for me to learn.

OBTW: Be very carful of heat build-up in your work piece. You'll be wondering why everything has turned to doo-doo. It's real easy to get so focused on your welding that the piece will overheat. You'll start blowing holes or having disastrous droop-outs. And DON'T quench alum. Just walk away until you can touch it again.