I'm playing with TIG'ing 1/16" aluminum and have a question.

After running just a straight bead on a simple plate, when you turn over the plate, should you be able to see where you welded? I guess the question is should the weld penetrate the top-side enough that it imprints the back-side as well, or is that to far?

For some reason I had it in my head that you wanted (nearly) complete penetration when running beads, but then as I play with a T-joint I started thinking maybe that wasn't really what I should be aiming for? On the other hand, maybe there isn't a single right answer and each joint type expects a different level of penetration. And, I guess again, that a simple bead on plate isn't even a joint, so maybe the answer is a bit moot.

I expect I might get the old RTFM response to this question, but maybe some kind sole will humor me.