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I wish they would have reversed the power switch location with the spoolgun switch, power in the front and spoolgun in the rear.
I'd go further than that - I think the spoolgun switch shouldn't even exist - the machine should auto-detect when the spoolgun is connected, and react appropriately. It would take a couple of extra components on the PC board to detect the current flowing (or not) to the drive motor via the small connector, or maybe even NO changes on the PC board to wire the gun drive motor to deactivate the power supply drive motor.

As to the power switch: I've already gotten fed up with that. I was borrowing a Lincoln with a front switch before I bought this 211, so that was a big shock to find the Miller switch on the back. I moved it last night...

I have a few other ideas for internal mods that I'll work on later: hanging multiple spools in the case, connecting BOTH gas bottles & auto-selecting them...
Like what you did. I might follow.