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    Default Question for the Newbies!

    Hello to all the new welders out there.I am just wondering how you find the Mig welding going for you.I am new to Mig welding also (well i guess all welding) but think that i am getting fairly decent at it.Do you guys find it fairly easy,not to bad or having a difficult time? Thank you! Happy Welding!!!!! .........Tim

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    easy enough once you learn to read the puddle. then its just speed and distance consistency.consistency is the key.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    I'm my own hardest critic. but my next door neighbor who welds professionally says I'm doing well with it. I found it was pretty easy to start to lay down a bead, but getting that nice professional bead is a little bit tricky. I have trouble keeping it even, especially on longer welds. I'm starting to pick up on listening to the weld and hearing what a good weld sounds like. I have a lot of trouble seeing the puddle. not sure if it's the mask or just my eyes that need to be trained.

    I am having a blast though. My wife bought me a welder for xmas and I think I've welded something every single weekend since.

    My neighbor comments every time he comes over about 1)how hot I have the machine set up. and 2) how much heat the machine puts out. I've sort of started setting the mahine up at aobut 1/2 hte heat and wire speed that the chart on the inside of the door recomends. I don't really konw whats right or not, I'm just taking advice
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    Sounds great! Keep up the great welding and all the fun!

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    At the end of the day MIG requires the lowest amount of welder skill to do.
    It's learning to set the machine,and trouble shoot it that would be the hardest part....the rest is point and squeeze Pratice pratice will help to
    develope technique,and good mechanics Take your time and you'll get it

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    Default Super Easy..

    Once you have understood:

    Metallurgy, heat dynamics, gas chemistry, sound weld properties, AC/DC electrical characteristics, fill materials (wire), current settings, proper bead patterns ie. up/down, weave, drag, push, side to side and a few other simple things, it as easy as pie.

    Not trying to sound like a wise guy and maybe perhaps a tad off the subject, but a pretty weld is not always the best weld and the term simple even just related to the process is far from covering the mig process. While the process may be the easiest to learn, it will not do any one any good until they understand what I wrote above.

    Please! don't take this the wrong way. Keep welding it's funner that putting a box of Gerbal turds in someones shoe. Just don't forget to learn the things that make up a good welder.

    Plenty of expert help on these boards!

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