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My 2 boys are now 26 & 22.

For the beer:
On the frig., I had a little paper under a magnet with a number on it.
The kids knew it was how many beers on hand,
and that number better jive up with the actual count.

The ocassional Whiskey bottle had a marks-a-lot line on the level in the bottle.
They understood it better not change,
and that I knew what watered down Whiskey tasted like.

On firearms:
My kids went shooting with me since they were big enough to stand up and help hold a Colt .45.
As they got bigger, they shot more and different weapons.
By age 12, they'd fired the .50BMG from a benchrest a few times too.
The guns were always locked in a high security vault, but there was no great mystery about them.

They'd bring a buddy and ask, "Dad, can we see 'such & such' rifle or pistol"?
I'd open the vault, let them see & handle it, oil it back down, and lock them up again.
They even helped me cast Lead bullets and we did alot of reloading together.
They saw what damage bullets could do to different things, what gunshots sounded like,
what dead animals look like, and what happens when you light off gunpowder by itself, etc.
The kids had fired most of them- several times a year,
and there was none of that 'forbidden fruit' shadow hanging over them.

That system worked for us.
The thing I watched more than anything was thier money & time, and where it went.
In our day and age,,,
kids can buy hard narcotics easier than they can plan & scheme to steal booze.
Or, if they're real clever & sneaky, just grow thier own 'smoking dope'.


I agree, this is the best way to do things. Educate your kids and give them some trust and responsibility, this is how I was raised and I stayed out of trouble.

Besides, if your kids are sneaking the occasional beer I wouldn't worry too much. What I would be worried about is them going out and getting completely wasted at a "party." If your kid wants to get his hands on alcohol, or other substances for that matter, it's not hard. It is also suprising how many parents have no idea what their kids are up to.

This is just what I have observed going through school, but I of course have no idea what the relationship between you and your kids is like, just my thoughts on the topic in general.