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    Exclamation Beer fridge lock?

    Does any one have pictures or ideas for a lock on a beer fridge? I want to make sure my teen has no temptation while Iím away from the house. I'm thinking of putting a bracket on the top and bottom of the fridge. Kind of like what you would see on a tool box where there is a long strap/pipe that goes from the top to the bottom. This in turn would latch on the bottom bracket and pad lock against the top bracket.

    Donít get me wrong we donít have any issues as of yet but if they have friends over I donít want them to have any peer pressure because things are all locked up.

    With teens you have to stay one step ahead.

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    Count the beer.............. And let them know their gonna get a boot in their butt if they get into it. Sometimes locking stuff up only makes it more tempting. Of course just my opinion, do whatever it takes. At least you care enough to watch your kids, alot of folks today do not.

    ps: For what its worth I have 2 boys, now 22 and 17. Been very blessed, they have both been wonderful kids.
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    How bout just the simple old strap and hasp. do you really need a vault? As long as its mounted in such away that its not simple to remove ie. just unscrew the screws and ignore the lock, it should keep em honest and you'll know if they weren't. If not, then down comes the old wrath of God or the closest parental rep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HMW View Post
    Count the beer.............. And let them know their gonna get a boot in their butt if they get into it. Sometimes locking stuff up only makes it more tempting.
    I agree. It's better that they learn to handle any peer pressure over a beer in the fridge, than when they're away from home and are faced with coke or crack.

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    I was a quiet little boy until I turned 11. Then I went insane..... and stayed that way for 10 years. You're right to lock that fridge; weld it shut if you have to.

    "With teens you have to stay one step ahead."

    You're a good man to care about your kids.
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    Sams club has a few smaller fridges with locks in them. $140 or so for 3.4-4cf.

    Granted, it's more expensive than riveting a hasp on the existing beer fridge, but the wife will probably approve more than having a pad lock hanging off it.

    Example is a huge influence on kids. I had a cousin in rehab for most of my elementary school years, then I ended up friends with a couple hard core drug dealers but I had no desire to end up like my cousin so I never tried anything.

    Now when dealing with the kids friends, it might be wise to make the stuff inaccessible as to limit your liability. Never know these days who is gonna sue you for not making the substance difficult enough to acquire. Even if they steal it.
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    Wouldn't you rather allow them some temptation now, when you can catch them... than wait until it's something much bigger down the road?

    In other words, if your kid is into stuff, he will eventually nab a beer and you can address the problem then. If you lock up the beer, he may be doing much more and just be good at hiding it from you.

    A similar case I had:
    I didn't want my kids touching my guns. all! I bought a 12ga shotgun ad put it in the living room, in plain sight. I knew it was unloaded, as I have never bought ammo for it. I told them that if they touched it, they got a spanking. I used it as a tool to teach them not to touch guns. THey didn't know wasn't loaded. I allowed them the opportunity to give in to temptation at a time that the risk factor was low. Even now, they don't touch my guns, and that's been about 10 years.

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