Ok its been awhile since I have been here , so I thought I would stop in to let you guys in on my new project / proto type .

The idea was to not have to use ramps to load bikes, lawn mowers ,golf carts and so on .. I never liked the tilt style trailers ,and I have seen some other drop deck style trailers out there like Baxley and a few others that are over complicated with electric , air ride and hydrulic.. so I wanted BUILD something simple with a hanD crank set up .. but not a boat winch cable set up .

the acuator im planing on using is a tong jack mounted horizontal to a arm .. not in the pics yet .. a few bugs and design to work out .. 3 different ways to set this up .

hope the pics come out .

ALUM 106.jpgALUM 105.jpgALUM 104.jpgALUM 103.jpgALUM 102.jpg