I'm Building A Light Weight Trailer To Tow Behind My Harley. I Have A Trailer Now Thats To Heavy That I Built Last Year. It Was A Northern Tools Red Trailer With The 12'' Tires And A 48'' X 20'' X 20'' Aluminum Tool Box that i bolted on. It Was 230 Lbs. I'm Trying To Get This New Trailer Down To About 125 To 130 Lbs..the Problem That I'm Having Is To Get Light Weight Wheels And Axle Or Torsion Axle Which Is Most Of The Weight Of The Trailer. Does Any One Have A Suggestion On Where To Get Them or a better idea ?? DOES ANYONE THINK THAT ALUMINUM IS BETTER FOR THIS PROJECT ? i will be towing this trailer on some hard roads{ dirt ** to alaska this year. does aluminum have a better chance of cracking than steel ??