Hi guys,

I need your help about a problem I am having with my Dynasty 300DX.

Since I bought the machine I only used it to weld stainless steel on DC mode. Today I tried welding aluminum for the first time on AC mode. When I tried to establish a weld pool it started the arc but could not develop a weld pool like there was not enough power. Amps were set to about 180 so with that amps it should melt the 1/4 inch aluminum flat bar I was trying on. Then I turned up a bit more frequency and changed ac balance, then when I tried to start an arc, it started doing a clicking noise from the lower/rear part of the machine and when I looked at the machine, the display was flickering and some of the green lights coming on and off.

I discovered that the machine only does this when set on HF start . On Lift Arc mode it welds fine in DC mode on stainless steel, but in AC it does not start an arc no matter what settings I try.

Here is a video of the clicking noise it is doing when on HF start when I press the pedal. It does it in DC and AC mode.


Can you please help me out? I bought the machine used and the company I bought it from assured me that the machine works perfectly.

Before contacting the company I bought it from, what do you guys think the problem is? Has anyone experienced this problem? Any tech guys from Miller can give me their input? I come from Malta (Europe), I imported the machine from Uk. There are only couple of Miller machines on the island and I don't have anywhere I can take it to be checked out, because there is no dealer in Malta.

Hope to hear from you guys soon,