Well I need a table for TIG welding (that isn't made out of wood LOL )

So I looked up a bunch of different ways people were doing it, and I decided to try and keep it as budget minded as possible (which isn't easy).

I am essentially building a bottom and then attaching a table top separate just in case the table top warps or I want to go with something different in the future. I haven't decided how I will mount the top yet but it is 2'x4' 3/16 A36 hot roll since I can't afford much more than that.

The base will be inset 2" all the way around to allow for clamping room and possibility of adding a 4" or 5" vise as well. The base is comprised of 2" square 1/8" thick.

Here are a few pics:

I have a drawing of the dimensions I will post a pic of later.

Total cost into this: $258.67 At the moment, that is metal only. (Although I did run out of wire last night while welding :-( ) More pics to come!