I have been welding for about 9 years if you include the 2 years in welding school. I bought a sycrowave 250 on an auction a year or so ago and tried the craft show and consignment thing with some metal crafts. I did not have much success. Now I am trying to do some small jobs repairing or building small parts. Does anyone have any advice on how to get customers? I want to mainly do aluminum and stainless. I have been stoping, handing out cards and talking with people at RV dealers, boat and dock dealers, cafes, meat shops and equipment rental places. I want to try to make some extra money that I could use to buy more equipment and build a shop, so I could do larger things. All I have now is 1 stall of my garage, my welder, a portaband saw and a grinder. If anybody had any advice on how to get started I would really appreciate it. I just would like to get a couple of custumers to give me a chance and do a good job for them so they get me more work and tell other people.