Hi all, before I start, I'm sure you get many similar ď Student making such and such thatís welding related, for a school project and wants to questionnaire some peopleĒ, so I donít mind if I have few replies because they are all valuable.
I am currently a student doing my a-levels and am taking design and technology. For my final year project I have chosen the theme of welding and more specifically jigs and fixtures for welding. I am to design and build a heavy duty table which can be height adjustable and that must have some kind of modular clamping system that used hole or slots in the table surface, (similar to the strong hand build pro table in the US or like the clamping surface on a milling machine). I have facility to have the surcease laser cut from up to 25mm steel plate so the heavy duty part ainít a problem.
I would like to ask a few questions to help me gather some more detail on what experienced welders and fabricators would want from a table like I have described, it would be much appreciated if you could answer some or all of my questions:
  • Do you weld as a hobby or do you weld at a professional level or both?

  • How large is the workshop you currently weld in?

  • Do you currently own a heavy duty welding table? If yes did you buy it or build it yourself and does it have any facility for modular fixturing?

  • Would you use the table for welding only and have a separate general purpose bench or would you use the table for general use as well as welding on?

  • what kind of welding do you do the most? (MIG, TIG, arc, oxy)

  • if the table had some kind of storage facility what would you preferably store in it? (Welding consumables, Grinding consumables, Hand tools, Power tools, ect)

  • Do you have any problems or frustrations with wires and gas lines getting tangled around where you weld.

  • Do you think a table which includes features for modular fixturing would increase your productivity over making separate jigs for every weldment?

  • The table will be adjustable in height. I have a selected a few ways that I could use to make the table height adjustable; Manual lift and pin(like a crutch), Rack and pinion with a locking clamp(like a drill press), screw legs(like adjustable feet), scissor screw(like a scissor lift with a screw) or hydraulic with 4 hydraulic cylinders. Which do you think would be most suitable for my application? Or do you have another suggestion.

  • Would you prefer to have the table totally static or have castor wheels to make it movable?

  • Are there any features or point that you want to add?
Please feel free to constructively criticize my questions and thanks a lot in advance for your time. Any answers are much appreciated.