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    Default 120v Machine how thick can you go?

    How thick of metal have you welded with your 120v. unit? Will it handle 1/8 stuff easily?

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    They're really made for 1/8" and do it great, and without getting too far out on the edge of your duty cycle before the thermal protector kicks in.

    I've done some little stuff that was 1/4", and not being used under alot of stress with my little Lincoln. But I'm not really comfortable with it doing more than 3/16ths.

    Oh, and this is all with the flux core wire too.
    I don't use the gas & thin wire on anything but sheet metal with it.
    (I don't know why, I just find myself doing it that way)

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    In '07 I built a tow bar to pull a small utility trailer out of 1" bar; and 1/4" and 3/8" flats. Welded all the pieces together with my 120 volt Century after prepping the joints... 0.030 wire with C25. The project turned out just as I conceived it - strong enough to hold up and pull just about anything, but I will use it only for the small trailer. The utility of these small welders can be extended beyond their recommended limits, depending on the design of projects and the care taken when fabricating.

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