It is the 0h 160 with walbro carb 631680. The previous owner removed a fuel pump and it gravity feeds from the tank. I can idle with it forever and I can rev it up by hand and I can even weld with it for about 2 minutes then she just dies. Do I need another carb or put on a new pump or new carb kit or what (seems like a simple setup and the few parts there are look fine.) ? I looked at the internals of the carb and she looks good. no rust in the lines bowl or anywhere. sounds like maybe she is filling the bowl up at high rpm and floods after a while but what does that mean? there is only one adjustment screw on it that I see and I have went both ways to the end and no result. any help out there please. I desperately need to fix this thing so I can get some work. thanks for looking. if you know what my problem is you can even call me 512-818-6882 email