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    Default first TIG project

    Hi everyone,

    I finally got round to getting my TIG setup running, and after a while of tinkering and getting used to tigging again, I made my first piece with it this week. it's a smaller version of the last outdoor table I made, to be used as a drinks table or a bench for sitting on.

    i got a little bit impatient in the finishing and dressing stage unfortunately, and the areas where the legs join the frame could be a bit tidier (there's some undercut and gouging in the blended areas that i'd have preferred to avoid) but all in all it came out much better than the first table in terms of squareness and dimensional accuracy.

    some pics:

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    Jul 2011


    Stainless? Or did you brush finish carbon steel, then lacquered it after welding/buffing?

    Nice miter joints. I cannot see the welds.

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    thanks Keith,

    it's 38mmx38mmx1.6mm wall thickness 316 stainless square tubing, dimensions 480w x 480l x 450h mm

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    Jul 2011


    Dang! That's nice!!

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    what saw made those cuts?
    5x10 Bluco Fixture Table
    Cincinnati shear 10'x1/4"
    '11 Lincoln Power Mig 216
    '10 Syncro200 TIG runner
    Scotchman CPO 350 LT cold saw w/ AMS

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    the tubing was cut with a standard 6x4 horizontal bandsaw, they are not compound mitres though the top frame is mitered and the legs just butted on below, but i brush finished after blending all the welds to give the compound mitre effect


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