I just got a miller 330 a/bp machine from my workplace auction and now have to hook it up at my house. The guys at work tell me that it was wired for 3phase but everything I read about it says it is a single phase machine. In the power chord coming out of the machine there are four wires one black, green, red, and yellow. Under the back panel the machine is set up for 460v operation with the wires from left to right on the poles are first green (or blue it is too old to have good color left in it) then red, then yellow. The black one seems to run into the machine on the far left to the chassis of the machine. I have 100 amps single phase in my shop and would love to hook this beast up but I dont want to hurt anything. Can someone tell me how to hook it up, and if for some reason if its 3phase come and buy it from me because I cant use it. Thanks.Miller Tig.jpg