Looking for ideas here. I bought a cheap harbor freight 2000lb winch for my snowmobile trailer. I'm getting too old to drag a dead sled on to a trailer. I don't want the winch permanently attached so I had the following ideas. Let me know what you think.

Option 1 - Use the winch off a receiver hitch. I would use some 2" tube and raise it high enough to clear the trailer floor from the back of my truck. The winch would be mounted on 1/4" plate.

Option 2 - Mount the winch off the trailer hitch. - I would reverse the hitch insert, put a ball on it, and weld the plate to the sleeve.

Currently I plan to power the winch from the tow vehicle, but could always put a battery in the trailer.

I don't expect this to see a lot of heavy duty use, more backup in case one of my kids old sleds is having trouble. My thought was to have to portable enough in case I wanted to use it on my utility trailer as well.

Any thoughts are appreciated.