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    Default hf settings for aluminum where should i start

    got an hf 251 how should i set it up for aluminum there's no help on this site for this that i can find .
    where should i start at?
    someone please tell me I'm wrong

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    I assume you got/read the manual and have a suitable power supply to go with it. Any book/document on TIG welding aluminum should be enough to get you the basic idea.

    Set your power source for AC. Set the HF for continuous, everything else like you would for TIG on steel. You will want remote amperage control so you need to hook up the 14pin connector and you really want the foot pedal.

    Use zirconiated or pure tungsten. Sharpened to a dull point. Let it ball up.

    Use a bit more argon - like add 5cfh to what you do for steel.

    That page has a chart on the bottom for tungsten sizes. On sine wave machine, it is important to use the smallest tungsten that won't melt away. Gives you the best arc control.

    Please note that aluminum TIG welding with a sine wave machine is difficult - you will need lots of practice and stay away from thin stuff for now.
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