I was looking for some of you more experienced guys opinion. I am a machinist for a papermill and it's hard to believe some of the things these big companys throw out. I have a couple of right angle gearboxes ranging from 5 to 1 ratio, 60 to 1 ratio, and 100 to 1 ratio. I was wondering if you guys think I could make an adapter for the low speed side of one of these gearboxes to mount a tube die and shoe and run the high speed side with a H.D. 1/2" drive drill to bend tubing with. I asked one of our mechanical engineers this question and he thought it would work. I thought about trying the 60-1 ratio gearbox, which I got for $5 scrap price. The only thing that was wrong with it was the keyway in one of the two low speed shafts was worn, I'll just use the other shaft. Just wondering if anyone has tried something similar to this.