New to the board and looking on advice on my first purchase. I have 110 and 220 at the house so power is not a factor except for portability. Cost is not a factor as I would rather spend more now than wish I had later.

I will be doing projects around the house for fun. I dont even know how to weld but when I went to have a gokart frame made for my daughter everyone was charging around $65 an hour and said it would take 6-8 hours. Did not take me long to figure out I would be better off buying a welder and learning to mig weld.

Am I better off with a 175 vs a 135 for hobby and home use. Would a 135 even be able to weld a kart frame. Im looking at 1x.083 square tubing for most of the frame. Of course this is just my first project other than alot of practice before I start the frame. What about making a trailer. I know alot has to do with the steel thickness and cost is not an issue so wich one would I be better off with?

Anyone ever bought the 135 and which they had the 175? Why???

Any opinions are greatly appreciated