I'm not made of gold but I did buy a Dynasty 200DX because of features, therefore I cannot justify a $700 tungsten sharpener. I had been using a regular aluminum oxide grinding stone, dressed to remove iron with moderate success. But in combination with seeing a friend's grinder accident and the issue of thoriated tungsten dust potentially impacting my co-worker's health (he has MS), I had to find a better way.

I had a bright idea. Dremel. Yeah, that pseudo-tool much maligned by purists but personally a valuable tool. They make a diamond grit wheel, minus would be the vents (holes) but it is worth a try. Well, for the $25 wallet-ectomy, I tried it on 0.040" 2% thoriated, outside to avoid the (minor) radiation issue. Wow! Smooth, fine finish and FAST. No pressure is needed to grind a fine point, even using the "down-hill" (pointed away from travel) to avoid hitting the vent holes. The grind marks are all proper and much finer than a bonded wheel.

As an added bonus, it came in a nice little blister container which will keep it contaminant free!

It isn't as easy as a purpose-built tungsten sharpener but it is fast. No concerns about contamination anymore.