Eh, my name is Trisha and i have become a welder. I have no problem with the hands on work. i am currently going to school as a first year apprentice.My question for you is if anyone out their can help me with some math right now i am doing ratios and i don't under stand how to take to ratios and make them into one


a journeyman welder can weld 120 lengths of pipe per 40-hour week while his apprentice can weld one pipe every half hour. what is the ratio of the journeyman's rate of work to the apprentice's rate of work?

another example:

on a shop drawing, the length of a pipe is 2 3/4''. the actual length of the pipe is 12'-6''long what is the ratio of the blue print length to the actual length?

i know how ratios work i'm just having a hard time to figur out the correct method used for this problem

this may be too late to be asking all you people considering i will be tested this week so if anyone out their may be able you help me out please add me im