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    I went to Tulsa Welding School, but it was waaaay back around '81 or '82. It was a really good school at that time, and I don't know why it wouldn't still be.

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    Default i'm the very last person to give carieer advice but you asked..........

    hey "pigpen"!

    first of all i'm not even going to ask how you got that nick name... i'm the very last person in the world to tell anyone else what to do with their life, but you asked!!! i work in the oilfield & if you don't mind to leave home then follow the pipe! especially if your not "tied down" & not afraid of over time...? especially with the price of natural gas & crude oil at today's market. the oilfield company's have plenty of work & plenty of money to pay rig welders. & trust me, pass on the inspector job until your body starts getting tired..... if your young, you'll never get the respect & you won't appreciate being an inspector yet! & you'll going to disagree with me this, but if you decide to follow the pipe, at least work with a rig welder as a pipe fitter until you learn the ropes of the trade......... regardless on your decision, i wish you good luck! rodney

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    thank you all for helping me out...

    Money isn't an issue, both my parents have said they will pay tuition to do the master welder program but if I want to go and do the inspector program im going to have to fork up the money myself...which is 14 grand I dont have.

    are any of yall inspecting at the moment?? if so what do you think?

    I noticed earlier some of yall said inspectors should have to weld out in the field as a right of passage, and I just wanted to say I 100% agree.

    I just thought id add a thanks to rodney here.. also I wanted to state im from southeast texas and right now DOW, GSI, Zachry,etc are begging for millwrites, welders, machinist, and basically anybody they can get their hands on to come and work for them.

    Are any of yall welding underwater? because some of the **** ive heard about those guy's
    and the money they get just makes me want to drop everything im doing and go for it.

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    Default Inspector

    PigPen, I cant answer for you about being a welding Inspector but I am an Inspector in the construction field. I will tell you, get some experience under your belt before you become an inspector, otherwise you wont make it. I did 25 years of construction before I became an inspector. I went back to school at 50, you're never too old to learn. Some of the older generation (not all) will see a young guy fresh out of school pointing out their mistakes and wont take it kindly. It is hard to explain and its not personal at all, its an age thing most of us will experience. I saw a lot of it when I first started my inspection field but once they knew I had the experience, things went well and I get the respect as well as give it. It is much easier to see the difference between the ones trying their best and the ones trying to paint a pretty picture.

    What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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    Default Tulsa-Inspecting

    Hey pigpen and welcome to the site.

    I agree with some of the guys about learning all you can from the welding side then see what else you would be interested in doing after you have done that, and who knows things might have changed and you decide to go another route with-in the welding field. I've been doing this for over 15-20yrs and yes times I look back and think what if I had takeing some other classes or who knows what, the point is if you enjoy welding then by all means get the most out of it that you can while your still young.

    I agree with kbar and the other guys on the inspector issue, it would be in your best intrest if you all ready know how to weld and know what your talking about when inspecting becuase if you don't guys will pick up on it real kwick then you could end up with a bad reputation in the trade for not knowing your stuff and thats not a good thing to have in any trade for that matter, (just some thing to think about) any way I wish you the best of luck in what ever you go with, also it's nice your parents are willing to support your and the cost so do well and offer to REPAY THEM when you start making good money, it will make a HUGE differance when you might need help again from them in your welding job search and training (just a thought)

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    Quote Originally Posted by shorerider16 View Post
    Never could figure that one out, a guy can walk in off the street and train to be an inspector without having ever welded. I definately agree with you on that one, they should have to work in the trade before inspecting.
    I completely agree experience should be a pre-requisite to most if not all inspection to any trade.

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    Default Learning To Weld

    Listen kid...........I had a kid gradute from Hobart welding school .............he could weld up a storm..........I set him up doing weldments...1/2 later I see him sitting on his ***.I said ya gotta do the other 3 sides ..... he said I don't know how to use the crane..........WHAT DO YOU THINK I SAID TO HIM?........What i'm telling you here is there's more to just welding.......and what you need is ONLT THUR EXPERIENCE ....... I slap chans arounf 20 ton weldments and more then like I pick up a pen....... You gotta drive a forklift truck too .........and think nothing like it ?????????? Hate to burst you bubble but there's a ton of Sh**t ya gotta do besides weld.........BTY ......I can each a first timer to weld perfect in a 1/2 hour..........ain't no good unless he can drive the forklift or use that crane........ALL COMES FROM CONFIDENCE AND IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN OVER NIGHT..........SORRY........ just facts

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