Hello everyone am new to the forums have been reading them for acouple days. and decided to sign up for them to ask a few questions if you dont mind taking a few minutes and answering them it would be much appreciated.

1. what is proferred for boot hight 6" or 8"

2. do automatic welding helmets come with a manual preset able shade level?
(note: you know your welding at a sertain amps and preset the helmet to its recommended shade level, will the helmet get darker if needed but no decrease past that preset shade level?

3. what do you all recommend for respirators welding? both indoors and outside.

3a. what welding helmets can you use with those respirators if there are any limitations?

4. are independed spats better or the built on lace guards?

5. are there any welding helmets that come with a built on leather flap to lessen light glare from behind?

5a. does adding it on change or void the manufacturing warrenty?

6. are coveralls with zippers or covered bottons preferred? which is safer if any diffrence and how?

6a. is high vison synthetic strips permittable within a welding worksite or is there some non synthetic specialty high vision strips if any needed?