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In case you haven't seen it elsewhere, Miller will be hosting a free webinar on responsible and sustainable weld fume management practices tomorrow (August 16) at 1 PM EST/12 CST.

You can sign up here:

Here's a brief description of the event for all those interested:

Welding fumes and fume regulations have become an ever increasing area of concern for welding facilities and safety personnel. While there has been a great deal of communication, there are still many questions among occupational health and safety managers as to the most appropriate courses of action in identifying the best suited and sustainable solutions for reducing the possible risks associated with weld fume exposure.

In this webinar, Miller Electric Mfg Co Product Manager Al Hilbert and Product Specialist Eric Sommers along with Hobart Brothers Welding Engineer, Aaron Bischoff will join Peter Lemke, president of The WORCS, and Industrial Hygienist, Bert Schiller to discuss the most relevant regulations and sustainable practices that any weld shops needs to be aware of when deploying a fume control program and choosing the proper controls. This webinar is a must-attend for any company that has welding in their operations.

What you will learn:
How regulations can impact your welding operations
Sustainable & best management practices for weld fume control
What to look for in engineering, administrative and PPE fume solutions