i'm half way through my first year welding

passed a first try at a flat position, butt joint, with 30 degree bevels on either side (no feather edge)

I was wondering if anyone could possibly post some tips or hints that could be used to get quality welds in each position (flat, horizontal, vertical, overhead)
i've only tried flat and horizontal so far

root pass with 6011
5 filler passes with 7018

Sorry for the slack paintshop drawing, but below is a project picture to show what we have to do

Flat position
6011 = setting of 60-75 seemed to work for me, 20-45 degree travel angle, whip and pause motion (i still find starting and ending, i wont burn through the tacks as well as id like too, need practice

7018 = (first pass) travel angle, small circles stringer all the way across, i set it to about 110-125
(second-6th) travel angle, aimed at toes , stringer(leaving the top edges exposed for guidlines for 5/6th passes)

Horizontal position
6011 = setting 90, whip pause, travel anglle, 0-20 upward angle
7018 = 110-125 setting, 0-10 degree angle up comprensate for gravity, stringers

More advice or tips or hints for all positions would be muchly appreciated, thanks in advance

THANKS in advance for any advice, its much appreciated