I got spoolmate 100 on a 211. No problems with the 211 but the spoolmate is a different story! After a short while of welding aluminum the wire burns to the tip. Usually on start or restart. I am using 4043 .030 wire. Tried a .035 tip, reduced weld time, and changed voltage and wire speed. Clipped the ball on the wire on every start or restart. Wire brushed the work with a stainless steel wire brush everytime. These tips are like 9 bucks for five around here and when you go through 1 or 2 tips a job it gets expensive. I tried different distances of stickout changed the argon flow. Around 20 cfh is what I have been running the flow. It dont matter what thickness of material I am welding it still does it. Any ideas? I read somewhere on the forum that another member made a adapter and is using different tips on his spoolmate 100? I am at a loss on this one!