To start off, I am a 20 yr old guy who has been welding in the field for about a year and a half. I have 2 years vocational experience. In the field I have worked with Gmaw(about 1 year) Smaw(6 mos) Gtaw(2mos). I have a position waiting for me with a company to weld pipe but have never been in a situation to do so. I am currently taking additional night classes to pick up that area of welding but find that I am sort of at a loss when It comes to getting the 6g position down. The test is going to be on 2" sch 40 and 6" sch 80 for both Gtaw and Smaw, carbon and stainless. So if there are any tips, links, videos or other informational peices to be provided, they would be greatly appriciated.