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Nice table , but the tool hangers and 11-R vise grips are a pain in the rear end . I had hangers on my table and found out that it was more convenient to just clamp them on to the rail with the release lever pointing in to the center of the table , they do not get knocked off neither do they fall off if you are pounding on the table JMTC . Other than that it is a real pretty table
On the outlets on the table , I have smoked one extension cord in my shop when welding and it was not on my welding bench ! My bench has an outlet (GFCI) mounted to it and have not had any problems in 17 years of use . The outlet will trip if I use my 2050 close to it but it works just fine . The cord that smoked carried the full welding amperage from the work piece , through an old 1/4 B&D drill down another cord to a reciprocal saw and back into the ground clamp that had fallen off . Both tools had a three prong grounding plug , I replaced the ground clamp and have never had it happen again . Dan
Hi Dan,

The strip below my hangers was intended to clamp my 11R vise-grips to when not in use. I also thought about making rail across the back of my table to also store my clamps. I never intended to store the clamps on the pegs but they ended up when I cleaned up. Unfortunately I have haven't used the table enough yet to figure out where everything should go but fortunately I haven't done anything more permanent to not be able to change things around. I'll keep everyone posted.

Do you think it would be beneficial to change out my outlets to GFCI? I imagine it would make sense to have the extra protection and not be tripping breakers at the box - much easier to reset the outlet.

Thanks for your input!

- Chad